Storage Hacks to learn from Cosmetic Boxes

Storage Hacks to learn from Cosmetic Boxes

Every girl is fond of playing with different colors, styles and looks. She has hundreds of cosmetic products and tools lying up in a room shelf, drawer or a bathroom corner. Sometimes you might find your makeup collection messy, occupying a large space. It gets difficult for you to find the products at the hour of need. The best way to avoid this problem is to keep your makeup product organized. Now you need not go to the market and spend dollars on finding appropriate storage items. The empty cosmetics boxes can do all for you. As you use cosmetic products, never throw away the empty boxes. With a little creativity, you can transform them into attractive storage solutions to keep your makeup organized. This not only proves cost-effective but also provides a great display to show off your cosmetic collection. Below are some interesting storage hacks to learn from cosmetic boxes:

1) DIY Brush Holder:

No one might have ever considered that the custom boxes used for packaging of cosmetics can be used effectively to create a brush organizer. You can use it to keep your brush collection at one place in an organized way. Take cosmetic boxes of any size depending up the size of the holder you want to make. The boxes normally come in square shape. Remove their lids and keep the base intact. Cover them with an attractive paper or fabric for a fascinating look. If you want to create circular brush holders, cut off the base as well. Open the tape sides to obtain a flat sheet of cardboard. Roll it in a way to create a circular brush holder. Use a strong adhesive to fix its open side. Cut the base according to the size of the holder and attach it at the bottom. Thus there is an array of options to be creative with the shape of the box. It is an affordable way to organize your brushes and make them easy to find when needed.

2) Drawer Organizers:

Custom printed boxes for cosmetics vary in size. This makes them perfect to be used as dividers or drawer organizers. Start collecting a number of cosmetic boxes after using the product. Open them up to convert into a flat piece of cardboard. Cut off the edges to give them a rectangular shape. Cover them with any colored or printed paper of your choice. Make a number of dividers in this way. Now clean a drawer and place all the dividers. Some of them will fit lengthwise while others widthwise. You may also cover the whole box by just removing the lid. And place a number of boxes inside the drawer to act as drawers organizers. You can use this arrangement to store kitchen items, stationery, office supplies, accessories, makeup items or whatever you like. It facilitates you to keep your stuff organized without messing all around.

3) Attractive Makeup Caddy:

>Women want to place the excessively used cosmetic items in the front to make them easy to find when they are in a hurry. Making a colorful makeup caddy is an interesting idea to keep the most frequently used things at the same place. For this purpose, you may use any of the subscription box, or a large cosmetic display packaging. Take off their lid and cover the box with a colorful paper. If you want to can design partitions in it or keep it simple. Decorate it with beads or ribbons to give an adorable look. Place your important makeup items inside the box. The box is so attractive that you can keep it anywhere in your room to have easy access.

4) DIY Makeup Palette:

The makeup palette is an ideal solution to prevent your powders, shimmers, eye shades, and blush-on to scatter all around. A makeup palette keeps all of your products at a single place as you are getting ready for any occasion. The lid of a cosmetic subscription box is the best option to make a make it. Cover the lid with a tough paper. Fabric will not work in this case as the product may stick to it and appears dirty. The paper should have a shiny and smooth surface so that you may easily clean up the palette after use.

5) Lipstick or Nail Polish Organizer:

Lipsticks and nail paints are the most common item in a woman's makeup collection. Moreover, they exist in different shades in a large number which makes them difficult to organize. An interesting idea is to use custom printed boxes to make an organizer for them. Take a large display packaging. Choose the size of the box considering your collection of items so that they can be easily accommodated. The next step is to make a small section for every lipstick or nail polish to make them perfectly fit in. You can take a piece of cardboard or a scrapbook paper for this purpose. Such an arrangement prevents the products from falling off and jumbling up with others.

6) Decoupage Trays:

Another storage hack is to design eye-catching decoupage trays. Cosmetic gift boxes are sometimes so attractive that you do not want to throw them out. An effective idea is to convert them to decoupage trays for storing some of your important accessories like jewelry. Design them according to the shape of the box or you can also work on their design depending upon your creativity. Be playful with shapes. Search on the internet to make decoupage trays with more than four edges. Make a set of different sizes to place them inside each other. Cover with decorative fabric to add to their appeal.
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